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Design shirts are Game-Changer for Sustainability

Print-on-demand or design shirts is the model Pinehart adheres to; we only produce a product after it has been ordered. This doesn’t mean we’re fully sustainable, but compared to our competitors in the clothes and design shirts sector, we’re a lot more resource-efficient.

Sustainability Matters at Pinehart!

And we’ve only just begun our descent toward greater ecological stewardship!

Make your own t shirt to save the world!

In the United States, the general population buys 60 new pieces of clothes each year. Greenpeace estimates that 2 billion of those 5.2 billion items are rarely or never worn.

Print on demand (POD) has a significant benefit in the fight against overproduction in the fast fashion industry: design shirts are only printed when and how the consumer wants them. The textile business could become more environmentally friendly if this method is used with shirt designers.

Production that uses less resources

When it comes to weddings and bachelor parties, if you make your own t shirt, we are sure that you will be unique as a t shirt designer in that party.

You design shirts and yourown outfits, putting your heart and soul into them. T-shirts with custom designs have a longer useful life than generic T-shirts. This is a huge advantage for companies like Pinehart, which are attempting to produce more environmentally friendly textiles. There aren’t many returns, and the warehouse doesn’t make any offcuts.

Chains of transparent supply

CO2 emissions from raw material extraction to direct suppliers, as in every manufacturing business, are significant for POD enterprises. The organic cotton used in Pinehart‘s own line is cultivated in Turkey and processed in the area.

The transportation routes themselves take sustainability into consideration as well. We’ve streamlined our operations so that, among other things, orders are automatically printed in the production facility closest to the consumer. This means that our organic line now has the lowest carbon impact of anything we sell.

Make your own t shirt now!

Return rates are lower.

When a product is created to order, it is more likely to satisfy the customer’s expectations and hence lower return rates. Written by Egemen Öztürk for Pinehart.

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