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★★★Set the Price Yourself★★★

We understand that life may be stressful at times, so we aim to make ordering as simple as possible for you.

★ Pinehart Has No Limit.

It is up to you. We reduce your workload. All costs are added per piece.

★ Pinehart Is Transparent.

That means there are no hidden fees or expenses that are deceptive. We realize we may entice you with reduced upfront prices, but we like to be open and honest.

★At Price, Price is Also Customizable.

No minimum or no maximum limit, it depends on you. But of course, we have some tips on how to reduce the price if you want, at the FAQ section.

Pinehart Is Revolutionary

★Price Trends for T-Shirts

The more you buy, the less you spend on each t-shirt.

Essentially, the more you buy, the more money you save. It is more competitive for whole sales.


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