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♠︎ Here in Pinehart, possibilities are endless ♠︎

Sky is the limit!” is our mantra. As a result, we strive to make the procedure as simple as possible.

Wanna your artwork logo printed precisely how you want it? Consider how relieved you will be to realize that working with the Pinehart team does not necessitate a significant amount of time and effort!

Please contact us if you want your product printed in the precise size and color that you want.


A. How do Pinehart help you to achieve your desired t-shirt?

1. Private Design Studio

We provide the most advanced, cutting-edge design studio, including thumbnails and text if desired, of the most recent breakthroughs! Pinehart Design Studio is a great place to start if you want to make your thoughts a reality.

2. Thousands of Templates

Pinehart provides one-of-a-kind designs that are developed as a ribbed design throughout the finalization phase and act as an inspiration template. Choose a topic that interests you and make it your own. You have the freedom to act whichever you choose.

3. Expert Live Assistance

Professionals at Pinehart Design are standing here to assist you! They are glad to assist you with all of your artwork services and advice.

Ordering Successful! What happens next?

Everything has been completed! You’re almost done with your design! There is good news! You will never require exact planning, pixelating, color scaling, or matching with Pinehart. We handle everything relating to your order. The remainder of the component is now our specialty!

Step 1: Design creation and/or review

Send your design, whether it is a simple file or high-quality artwork files, by phone or email. There may be more than 12 designs available depending on your preferences.

Step 2: Customer Confirmation Process

We have test productions in place to ensure that our clients receive both a simplified manufacturing process and high-quality items. In many cases, if you buy a lot of the same t-shirt, you won’t have to pay for the test manufacturing

First order?

Professional design assistance is available for new orders. Our design team will review your order to make sure your idea looks fantastic on high quality garments. We will assess the size of your artwork according to industry standards and make sure it will fit on the garment you choose. We want it to look as good as possible, but also be creative. Our design experts will make changes during the review process.

If you order 20 or more of your designs, our design team can provide you with a digital copy of your updated work upon request. In our industry, this is called a “proof print,” which allows you to see how the final design will look on the garment you choose.

Before we start printing, we will ask you to review and approve this proof to confirm that all data is true. The faster you respond with approvals or changes, the more time we’ll have to do what we do best: print your design on your T-shirt.

If you order four or fewer pieces, we will begin printing as soon as our expert design staff has analyzed and developed it. We will only provide you with a proof if our designers feel your design is complex and requires your approval, or if you specifically request it at the time of purchase or by sending an email to .

Re-ordering the same design

A quick process as we passed 2 steps. If you have already placed an order with Pinehart and wish to reorder the same design, we will not provide you with a proof and will instead require your confirmation. To get a proof for a reorder, write an email to

Step 3: Begin manufacturing.

Your order is ready for production! Orders are always printed ahead of time or on the day of delivery.

  • What can you expect from Pinehart’s design team?

 ♠︎ We appreciate excellent artistic works! Our professional design team can handle even the most challenging projects.

B. What Services Does Pinehart Provide?

♠︎From the ground up, I’m creating fantastic designs for you.♠︎
The vast majority of our customers just tell us what they want to see, and we prepare it exactly how they want it. After we’ve finished the design, we’ll send you a copy of the proofs so you can double-check the artwork before printing.

♠︎Take an existing design to the next level.♠︎

Simply send us an email with a design of your dream piece of art, and we’ll make changes or add details for you. Shade, added hues, fine lines, and other alterations are all prevalent. For new orders of five or more pieces, we will give you a proof of the design displaying the completed artwork, and you will have the final say on whether it is permitted for printing. You will provide proof to us by sending a confirmation email.

♠︎Personalized logos and print-ready artwork♠︎

Our designers are true masters in designing artwork to the most exacting standards, whether you start with size, print-ready or vector artwork, or have a precise placement or color need. Please let us know your requirements and specifications, and we will work with you until everything is satisfactory.

Simply said, no matter what point of the design process you’re at, we’ll make sure you get a great final design.

C. What are the best file formats for printing?

Our graphic designers can deal with any file format or instruction. While some vector file types and high-resolution drawings at 300 DPI are preferable, they are not essential for us to begin printing your order.


However, here is the listing of best file formats for printing;


●     We prefer

●       Acceptable

★     .EPS (vector file)

★        .JPG

★        .DOC

★     Al (Adobe Illustrator)

★        .JPEG

★        .XLS

★     .PDF (Portable Document Format)

★        .GIF

★        .PPT

★     .PSD (Photoshop Document)

★        .PUB

★        .TIF


★        .BMP

★        .PNG




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