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Make Your Own Shirt Design: 5 Top-notch Tips

Make Your Own Shirt Design: 5 Top-notch Tips

Make your own shirt design turns an ordinary shirt to the status of a conversation piece. Whether you’re designing custom shirts for your company, an event, or a family gathering, consider the following design recommendations from our design experts:

♠1. Make Use of High-Quality Images

Pay close attention to the resolution of any images you add to your custom hoodie design. Images with low quality may seem hazy or pixelated on your custom hoodie.

Our Design Studio supports a broad range of file formats, including but not limited to .png,.jpg,.psd,.tiff,.pdf,.eps, If a vector image is available, always use it on your custom hoodie. Vector files provide the most aesthetically pleasing printouts and can be resized without losing quality when you start to make your own shirt.

♠2. Consider Colors Carefully

The colors you select are a crucial aspect of the overall custom shirts design. If you want to make the design stand out, consider color harmony and contrast against the custom hoodie color.

The amount of colors used in various print processes, such as screen printing, may affect your custom hoodie pricing, so evaluate how many you truly need to express your message and choose the number of colors to save cash on your order.

♠3. Dimensions and Location

Print placement is frequently disregarded, despite the fact that it can have a significant influence on custom hoodie design.

Getting the proper size to make your own shirt for the specific print place is one of the most ignored design aspects. Avoid using the maximum size that is set by default; larger isn’t always better for custom shirts.

♠4. Tweak Your Fonts

Your font selection is critical and has a significant impact on custom shirts design– not just in terms of how it appears, but also in terms of how your message is transmitted or the impression of your brand.

Best Font Combination to Make Your Own Shirt

Make sure the typography in custom hoodie design is legible, on-brand, and complements the other graphic aspects in your design. Spend some time thinking about custom hoodie options. Avoid using the default font, and don’t use more than three fonts to make your own shirt.

♠5. Maintain Simplicity

Avoid the urge to get carried away with your imagination and create an overly intricate custom hoodie design. Some of the strongest designs and compositions are the simplest to make your own shirt.

Written by Egemen Öztürk for Pinehart.

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