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Helpful Tips on How to Use Design Editor

This will make it easy for our online design studio to develop and purchase your items

♠︎Now, rock & roll♠︎

1.     Choose your goods

2.     Add text and visuals.

3.     Check it quickly and easily

4.     Now it’s up to us to finish the job.

Final Step: Draft. Let’s have a look at them all at once!

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We’re digging deep for your design right now.

A. Select a Color Scheme

Reducing the number—never the quality—of ink colors in your design is an excellent way to highlight crucial components of your image, such as your company name, family tree, or fundraiser slogan.

B. Select Contrast Colors

For the best printing results, use ink colors and element colors that contrast with one another. For example, white t-shirts with black print or red t-shirts with a white print.

C. Discover New Things

Experiment with some of our one-of-a-kind design tools. At the very least, as the process develops, you’ll build confidence in your ability to navigate the studio. Another option is to start with one of our pre-made templates and remove the uncertainty!

D. Text for the bow

For instance, twist text lines. It is a great method to add visual interest to an otherwise simple text design. Build a semicircle out of the letters, or go all out and make a full circle

E. Vintage looking

Use the effects at Pinehart Design Studio, choose one of them.

F. Black&White Printing

You sent in a bright image that you’d want to change to monochrome. After submitting your design, select the “Monochrome Print” option beneath the color to print your picture as a monochrome logo. This is wonderful for making black-and-white photographs, simplifying corporate logos, and much much more!

G. Select a playful typeface.

With over 150 fonts to choose from, you’re sure to find one that matches the personality of your design.

Experiment with Different Design Ideas

Experiment with different sizes, positions, and print colors to see which ones stand out the most. After you’ve produced all of the versions you want, save the design and give it a unique name; you’ll be able to go back into your account later to check which ones you favor!

Uploading Problems?

Pinehart Design Editor just accept the following list formats. But if you have another format, we will help you.

●     We prefer:

●       Acceptable

➔.EPS (vector file)



➔Al (Adobe Illustrator)



➔.PDF (Portable Document Format)



➔.PSD (Photoshop Document)









Any questions about your designs or formats or shipping, do not hesitate to contact us 

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