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5 Tools for T shirt Screen Printing

T shirt screen printing requires a lot of supplies. So, we all know about art, but how does it get to a screen to be printed? Inks are used in screen printing to produce the design, but how do they printed on when you design your own t shirt? Here are some alternative t shirt screen printing methods.

1- Positives of the Film

After finalizing the artwork, the design must be split into layers, each with a different color. It’s a film positive with your design in black on a transparent film. The stencils for each layer or screen are placed on the mesh screens.

2- Mesh Screens

T shirt screen printing vital tool is undoubtedly Mesh screens in the process of creating your own shirt. Place the film positive on the mesh screen, degrease it, and emulsion it. The emulsion is light sensitive, thus it generates the stencil when exposed to UV.

3- Screen Printing Squeegee

You have your ink, press, and screens—now what? A squeegee presses each layer of ink into the screen. The squeegee is dragged across the screen to distribute the ink evenly. While automatic equipment exists, many businesses, including Pinehart, still utilize manual ink presses since they are speedier and help control quality.

4- Flash Cure

The t-shirt is placed under an infrared heater for a few seconds before the next coat of ink is applied. This tool is used to prevent fading of dark garments.

5- Belt-type Dryer

Conveyor dryers of 25 feet long are used to dry each shirt. As a result of a particular conveyor belt-type dryer, all of the inks are dried swiftly and completely.

That’s all about t shirt screen printing to create your own shirt. For further questions, click here to contact us.

Written by Egemen Öztürk for Pinehart.

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