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Our key concerns have always been precision and quality. The experiences of our clients are incredibly important in our daily operations, and all of our team members are well aware of this.

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Our clients’ pleasure is inherently at the top of our list of corporate values, and we are constantly searching for ways to improve their shopping experience.

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Always receives high marks for customer satisfaction and dependability.

We are pleased to answer any of your inquiries, from placing your purchase to obtaining professional one-on-one design advice.

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We are available to you seven days a week. You can reach us at contact us at any time.

All steps of process are under the guarantee of Pinehart

To ensure that high-quality items are delivered on schedule, we have proofing procedures in place to improve both the customer experience and the Pinehart production process. Whether it’s your first purchase or a reorder of a design we’ve already printed, the production process is molded by your ambitions. All of this makes our job simpler.

For Newbie’s

Professional design assistance is provided with each new transaction. Our design staff will go through your order to ensure that your concept appears great when printed on high-quality clothes. We compare your work to industry standards and ensure that it is suitably aligned with the clothing you select. We want your work to be as professional as possible. During the assessment, our Graphic Design professionals will make more modifications. They will make you happy.

We’ll send you a digital copy of our design team’s updated work if you place five or more purchases. In our business, this is referred to as “proof,” and it allows you to see how the final design will appear on the garment of your choice. We will undoubtedly request that you examine and approve this proof before we begin printing to ensure that we have all of the facts correct. The more quickly you reply with approvals or adjustments, the more time we have to focus on what we do best.

If you purchase four or fewer items, we will begin printing as soon as the order has been approved and produced by our experienced design team. We will only give you a sample if our experts believe your design is sophisticated and requires your approval, or if you expressly request one at checkout or by emailing .

Reordering Your Past Designs

If you have previously purchased from us and are re-ordering the same model, we will not provide you a sample and instead require your confirmation. If you want documentation for a new order, please call us or send an email to .

Communication and Information Updates

We want you to be a part of the printing process, therefore we keep you informed at all times. We will send you emails as your transaction progresses since accuracy and timeliness are extremely important to us. When your order is received, shipped, with tracking information, and delivered to your door, you will be contacted

★★★ Satisfaction is Pinehart’s promise to customers ★★★

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